Chrome not displaying WordPress Editor tagbar correctly

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Chrome not displaying WordPress Editor tagbar correctly

Postby eTraxx on Thu May 21, 2009 5:23 am

When editing a page in WordPress you have a choice between a Visual and a HTML editor. The other day I was amusing myself with hacking the javascript file (quicktabs.js) that controls what ‘buttons’ appear on the HTML editor. The javascript file is located at /wordpress/wp-includes/js/quicktabs.js

I also changed the gif that is used for the background of the tagbar (ed-bg.gif) which is located at /wordpress/wp-admin/images/ed-bg.gif

It works fine. It displays fine. in Opera, IE, Firefox and Safari.


but, when you view it in Chrome you get this ..


Note that in the first instance- Opera, IE, Firefox and Safari you can see added ‘buttons’ [table] [Vsp] [tr] [td] and it is surrounded by a blue field.

In the second when viewed in Chrome it is the default WordPress editor – default buttons and grey background.


What have I done to Chrome to try and resolve this?

1) Reloaded page several times. Nope … that didn’t work.
2) Went to ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and Emptied the cache. Then re-loaded the window. Nope .. no change.
3) Cleared EVERYTHING in Browsing Data. Then re-loaded the window. Nope .. no change.
4) Downloaded latest Chrome to Beta … Nope .. no change.
5) Cleared cache in the Beta model. Re-loaded screen. Nope .. no change.

Now, I am stumped. Every other browser displays the page with changes except for Chrome. If Chrome failed to display the new buttons that I coded into the javascript file but displayed the bluish ‘surround’ then I would presume that it was a problem with caching the javascript. The problem with that being that the bluish surround around the tagbar is a simple gif stored at the location I mentioned above. I simply changed the color of the gif from grey to blue and uploaded it.

Any ideas?
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