chrome opening too many processes?

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chrome opening too many processes?

Postby angerhesmiles on Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:07 am

I'm not real computer savy, just to start so I might be wrong on this but...

When I open my first Chrome window it looks like it's opening 3 processes in my Task Manager. Is that right? I know each new tab is a new process but should 3 be going with only one tab open?
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Re: chrome opening too many processes?

Postby yourchrome on Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:47 pm

Hi angerhesmiles,

Yes this is normal. You may be interested by the info on this page.

Google Chrome creates three different types of processes: browser, renderers, and plug-ins.

Browser. There's only one browser process, which manages the tabs, windows, and "chrome" of the browser. This process also handles all interactions with the disk, network, user input, and display, but it makes no attempt to parse or render any content from the web.

Renderers. The browser process creates many renderer processes, each responsible for rendering web pages. The renderer processes contain all the complex logic for handling HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, and so on. We achieve this using the open source WebKit rendering engine, which is also used by Apple's Safari web browser. Each renderer process is run in a sandbox, which means it has almost no direct access to your disk, network, or display. All interactions with web apps, including user input events and screen painting, must go through the browser process. This lets the browser process monitor the renderers for suspicious activity, killing them if it suspects an exploit has occurred.

Plug-ins. The browser process also creates one process for each type of plug-in that is in use, such as Flash, Quicktime, or Adobe Reader. These processes just contain the plug-ins themselves, along with some glue code to let them interact with the browser and renderers.
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