Chrome resets the homepage to MSN every time it starts

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Chrome resets the homepage to MSN every time it starts

Postby vgf59 on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:22 pm

This started several months ago and it's driving me crazy. I don't want MSN to be my homepage. I don't want my browsing experience to have a thing to do with Microsoft at all. But every time I start up Chrome, the home page is reset to MSN.

It also used to ignore my settings for the new tab page to be the first to load on startup. Instead, it would load MSN. Somehow I've gotten it to stop doing that.

Another Microsoft trick it used to pull on me was to switch my default search engine to Bing every time Chrome started. Every time, I had to go into settings and delete all the Microsoft intrusions before I could use Chrome without Microsoft interfering. I somehow managed to make it stop doing that, but it still resets the home page to MSN. Every time I start Chrome, I have to go into settings and delete the MSN URL. But it comes back on every startup.

Frankly, I cannot see any difference at all between Microsoft's browser hijacking and malware. It is malware! How do I make it stop? I'm ready to nuke Chrome altogether in exasperation, but first I'm looking for a fix for this problem.
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