Chrome slow loading from start

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Chrome slow loading from start

Postby yabbadoo on Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:37 am

Chrome was taking 60-70 seconds to load my Home Page from desktop icon click.

I have found that adjusting the Chrome settings has made a big improvement.

Wrench>Options>Under the Hood>Privacy. Uncheck item 3 and possibly item 2. I am currently running with items 2 & 3 unchecked.

The load time is now 5-10 seconds - it does vary a little, but is mostly 5 seconds. this is without Sandboxie.
With Sandboxie, the load time is 12-20 seconds. Infinitely better than before, so in the absence of another solution, there it stays. I can live with that.

Here is a screen shot :-


So it is preferable clear the Cache before closing the browser each time (the Cache can become enormous) and to ensure that History and Cookies do not become huge by frequent clearing.

Manually :-
Click Wrench>Tools>Clear Browsing Data. A panel appears listing all browsing data, for Cache just check THAT box at each closure and select what you need from the others whenever you chose to do so. A choice is given as to what period you can clean from.

Automatically :- You will need to install a Chrome plugin.
This plugin for Chrome enables the automatic cleaning of just about everything on closure. Cache, History and all checked items you select on the list provided. I have checked the box to have a pop-up panel ask me before cleaning. This appears on the desktop after Chrome closure, it is a YES or NO job. Clearing the Cache etc. means there is no huge data bank to load when next Chrome is opened.

Visit :-
and just add to Chrome.

An icon appears on the Chrome toolbar at the top right which when clicked gives a menu. Ensure you set the Options exactly to your needs. Click Chrome, check what you want and just go down the list.
This plugin gives Chrome the same automatic cleaning on closure as Firefox and it is so easy.
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