Google Chrome Stands as No1 Browser on Jafaloo Read more at

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Google Chrome Stands as No1 Browser on Jafaloo Read more at

Postby BlueWater on Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:44 pm

n one of our last post we published about browser market share where our case study showed that by December 2011 Google chrome market share will cross Firefox market share. Now it is time to publish the browser stats on According to the analytics report of Google chrome stands at no1, that is most of the visitors are using chrome browser to visit our blog. Though we do not get a huge traffic like other famous websites but we get a decent amount of traffic every day and more than 97% traffic we get from the search engines. According to the last 5 months traffic report here we are publishing the browser stat report. According to the stats Google chrome stands at no:1 with 41.41% share, then comes Firefox with 31.35% and at the third position is taken by IE with 17.01% share. Does it mean that Google chrome will soon take over the browser market?

Read more at: ... n-jafaloo/
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