My chrome can't work everything anymore

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My chrome can't work everything anymore

Postby monio on Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:39 am

This problem happen to me today.
My chrome can still open but it show window like this.


It's thai (because I'm thai), so I'll translate for you in my understanding.

"So bad!!
There's an error while opening this page, try to refresh or visit other page.
If you always see this message, try to visit these instructions."

I try to refresh and then click the link to go find instruction, but nothing happen.
It still show that blue page everytime.

I try everything that I can do as follow :
1. Restart my computer.
2. Use system restore my computer to yesterday. (yesterday it work normally)
3. Uninstall and install it again.
4. Uninstall again and try beta version (17.0.963.12 m) that I found on website.
5. Scan virus (Using AVG Free with updated software)

I try to open history page or setting (Like this chrome://settings/)
it doesn't open too, show blue page only.

I try everything but it still can't open anything, include the .htm file that I ever save to my computer (With data folder).
When I try to open this .htm file, It should open because it's offline data, but it can't open too.

I have no idea to solve this problem please help me.. Image
I love google chrome so much, other web browser work normally except chrome.
I try Internet Exploror, Opera, Firefox, they work normally.

Many thanks, to everybody.. Image
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