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Postby BlueWater on Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:07 pm

Make your Gmail inbox smarter

Smartr Inbox for Gmail is a Chrome extension designed to enable you to organize your Gmail contacts in a smarter way.

Smartr Inbox enhances Gmail by finding all the people in your inbox and automatically creating rich profiles for them:
· Discover who they are
· How you know them
· When you last talked
· Who you have in common.
· See photo, job title, company details, and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter - effortlessly.

Note: In order to use the addon, you need to create an account.

Here are some key features of "Smartr Inbox for Gmail Chrome Extension":

· Automatic. Finds all the people you know from your email history and Facebook friends
· Personal. Puts a face to every name and email address
· Insightful. Detects and assigns phone numbers from email exchanges and Google Contacts
· Socially aware. Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
· Relevant. Ranks contacts by importance
· Complete. Includes recent emails, mutual contacts, and social updates
· Helpful. When composing messages, it recommends the people you frequently email with each contact
· Fast. Search by first, last, company name or phone number to find anyone.
· Intriguing. View relationship history - when you met, how many messages you've exchanged and more
· Smart. Mutual contacts helps you answer the question "What's the name of the person I met in the meeting with Joe?"
· Organized. Discover the top contacts that you're not yet connected to on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and easily to add them to your network.


· Chrome
· Xobni account
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