kentucky poets

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kentucky poets

Postby BlueWater on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:56 pm


And it came to me all in a feeling how everything fitted together, the place and ourselves and the animals and the tools, and how the sky held us. I saw how sweetly we were enabled by the land and the animals and our few simple tools.
– Wendell Berry, from A Place on Earth


Robert Penn Warren
Born in Guthrie, Kentucky in 1905, Robert Penn Warren was the youngest member of the group of Southern poets called the Fugitives. He was named the first U.S. Poet Laureate in 1986.

Wendell Berry
The author of more than 30 books of poetry, essays, and novels, Wendell Berry has been the recipient of, among other awards, grants from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller foundations, and lives in Port Royal, Kentucky.

Other Kentucky Poets:
Allen Tate
Mark Jarman
James Baker Hall
Maurice W. Manning
Davis McCombs
Jim Wayne Miller
Joy Bale Boone
James Still
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Re:Kentucky poets

Postby BlueWater on Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:03 pm

The Affrilachian Poets

A grassroots group of poets of color living in the Appalachian region. The term was coined by Frank X. Walker and poets and fiction writers identified with the movement include Nikki Finney, Kelly Ellis, and Paul Taylor.

Arts Kentucky

A statewide membership organization for individual artists, performers, craftspeople, community and arts groups. Their mission is to provide resources and tools for people who are working to improve their communities through the arts.

Kentucky Council of Teachers of English /Language Arts

The Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts is a non-profit, service organization for Kentucky English and Language Arts teachers of all levels (Kindergarten-Graduate School). In addition to supporting funded projects, the KCTE/LA connects English and Language Arts teachers to the Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky Writing Projects, and the Kentucky Reading Association (KRA). A number of KCTE/LA board members either direct or coordinate outreach programs for state Writing Projects, and both the KDE and KRA send liaisons to quarterly KCTE/LA board meetings.

Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

Kentucky Shakespeare Festival began with the vision of actor, director and producer C. Douglas Ramey in the late 1950's. His desire to bring the works of William Shakespeare to the neighborhoods surrounding historic Old Louisville has grown tremendously, now serving the Commonwealth at large. The 2003 Summer Season runs from June 19 to July 23.

Writing Programs in Kentucky,A great resource for students and teachers searching for creative writing programs, conferences, workshops, or literature events in Kentucky.
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