Brand Thunder Themes in the Chrome Theme Store - New Designs

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Brand Thunder Themes in the Chrome Theme Store - New Designs

Postby brandthunder on Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:58 am

It’s expensive to give away a free product like browser themes. Designing, developing and creating themes requires a team of designers and developers who work meticulously on creating the best experience and designs for brands and users alike. We help supplement their time by earning affiliate revenue from some of the themes we create, like sponsored links in search and affiliate links on shopping sites. It ensures our team gets paid for their hard work and dedication, and to help us continue creating even more themes in the future. You can read more about how we earn from our creations here.

For Google Chrome theme fans that don’t want the added enhancements of saving on shopping sites or comparing prices on the web, Brand Thunder has announced a new “ad free” theme available now in the Google Chrome Theme store. These are still all your favorite Brand Thunder themes like: Bob Marley, College Network, The Huffington Post, IGN,, NHL, Hockey Canada, NBA, NFL, SONY Music, Universal Music, SkinnyMom, and many more, just without the search and shopping enhancements.

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