Pressing Shift and Ctrl at the same time in a text box

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Pressing Shift and Ctrl at the same time in a text box

Postby gbollard on Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:45 pm

I've got a work and home PC both running Windows XP Professional SP3 and Chrome

I tend to use the keyboard shortcuts in windows quite a bit. As you probably know, Ctrl and Left/Right Arrows jumps forward and backward one word. Holding shift while you do this will highlight the words. It makes for some very fast editing and I've been doing it so long that it's automatic.

What I've discovered is that in Chrome 2.0 beta (not in the initial 2.0 beta but somewhere in one of the upgrades), the code changed so that if you hold down Ctrl and Shift the text in your text box right justifies, except for certain punctuation like commas and full stops, which still left justifies. It makes the browser more or less unusable for me.

I can reproduce the effect on both machines and have reported it to google but haven't heard anything. Does anyone have a solution (other than avoiding those keystrokes which is difficult since it's like a reflex for me).

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