Program won't load

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Program won't load

Postby baring on Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:26 pm

I've an unusual problem and I don't know what to say is happening. The best I can do is to describe what is happening.

Backqround before the problem started, I had been using Chrome happily for over a year. Then, about 2 weeks ago I was looking at emails that occasionally had links that would open a new tab in Chrome. The new tab was created, but the WEB data wouldn't load at all. I found this unusual as those WEB pages did load quickly using IE and Firefox. I did find that Chrome tabs that had already been created ran fine. I just couldn't create a new tab.

I jumped to the traditional approach of re-booting the computer. Now, Chrome doesn't appear to complete loading at all. There is no user data at all. At this point, I couldn't use Chrome at all; while IE and Firefox worked fine. Using IE, I re-down loaded and installed Chrome. This didn't help at all. Then i completely uninstalled Chrome and re-downloaded a fresh copy from Google. This worked fine for about 2 days, then this problem re-appeared. Right now Chrome will not load.

Any help?

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