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thee oh sees

Postby BlueWater on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:01 pm

Thee Oh Sees are the latest incarnation of songwriter, singer, and guitarist John Dwyer's ever-evolving pop-folk psychedelic group. Dwyer, who hails from Providence, RI, has been active on the San Francisco indie scene since the late '90s, working with several bands, including the Coachwhips, Pink & Brown, Yikes, Up Its Alive, and Swords & Sandals, among others, and he formed OCS (which is an acronym for Orinoka Crash Suite, Orange County Sound, or whatever Dwyer decided it was on any given day) initially as a vehicle for the experimental instrumentals he was producing in his home studio.

Sounding a bit like the Mamas & the Papas run through a seriously bent garage blender, the band signed with the German Tomlab label and released Sucks Blood in 2007 and The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In in 2008.
Thee Oh Sees second full-length effort Help appeared in 2009 and featured a bit of a garage rock vibe mixed with the band's psych-pop sound. The album Warm Slime followed in 2010. Thee Oh Sees pulled double duty the following year, offering the pop-leaning Castlemania in June, followed in November by the heavier, wilder Carrion Crawler/The Dream, also the band's first recording with second drummer Lars Finberg (The Intelligence).

Thee Oh Sees are a San Francisco band that you must see. Boy-girl vocals, garage rock thrash, catchy tunes and relatable lyrics combine to make that perfect band: cool enough to listen to on your way to work (steeling yourself against the 9 to 5), good enough to dance to at home by yourself, and great enough be your party soundtrack. The all-out, rock and roll, might-hurt-yourself sound is produced by a four-piece, led by John Dwyer (of the Coachwhips) and Brigid Dawson. Known for a pretty hectic live show (I mean that in the best way possible)—a lot of sweat, maybe a little blood, and a persistent ringing in your ears are just a few things you’ll get from thee Oh Sees. LAUREN ROSENTHAL
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