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world of miscrits

PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:16 pm
by BlueWater

Welcome to the world of Miscria, a mysterious and adventurous land that you’ve never seen before. In it you’ll find a world to explore, creatures to discover, and an adventure the likes of which has never graced the pages of Facebook. Miscrits: World of Adventure, is an exciting, rich, expansive game that will capture you from the first few moments and keep you with it’s enchanting qualities throughout.

The fifth game by Broken Bulb Studios, Miscrits: World of Adventure, is the most diverse, deep, ambitious project to date. The world of Miscria invites players to experience Facebook gaming in a whole new way. Packed with rich, inventive content, Miscrits will captivate players with it’s vast array of art, special effects and animation, exclusive creatures and special content, and dynamic PVP gameplay that players have never experienced in Facebook gaming to date.

Players begin in the enchanting Miscrian Forest, and soon find themselves on a search for the mysterious critters known as Miscrits. Discovering and capturing new Miscrits is just the beginning, as players can then train them, watch them grow and evolve, and use them to battle not only more difficult wild creatures but live players in the exclusive Sunfall Stadium battle arena. There is something for everyone in Miscrits: World of Adventure – so join us in Miscria

Re: world of miscrits

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:33 am
by customize13
In Miscrits, you can search Miscrits, collect Coin and battle against other Miscrits. The game aims to deliver a deep and engrossing gameplay experience consisting of both pet battling and pet raising.