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Well done Chrome

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:01 am
by yabbadoo

For years I have used Firefox, during which time I have been a vociferous critic of Chrome.
"Forgive me Lord for I knew not what I was saying". Admittedly, my earlier experience was just after the first Chrome release, so perhaps it was premature.

About one month ago I switched to Chrome as my default browser and have been delighted. Chrome has all I appear to need, it is easy to operate and has never let me down. Absolutely no hiccups at all.

So I am sticking with it. Firefox is still a very good browser and I have not a single criticism to make, but I like Chrome and it stays. All the add-on features and the Google toolbar I have on Firefox 19 are superb, but I do not appear to miss them. Chrome has enough extensions to compensate.

Just keep improving it and providing updates.
Best wishes from a very happy chappie.