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Chrome News: New Tab Pages in Google Chrome

Postby brandthunder on Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:54 am

Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialist, created a new tab home page that delivers more than 100 million annual impressions to its users and for its 350+ brand partners. The pages include an intense visual graphic each time a new tab is opened and introduces the ability to distribute video content, headlines, music, exclusive content and special offers to users at the height of their exploration on the Internet.

Themed experiences on the new tab home page continue the evolution of browser themes and their high engagement and branding capabilities. The results are astounding with these themed pages being visited by each user more than 45 times a month and users are averaging more than 8 minutes on the page. These metrics demonstrate users are engaged and returning with a high level of frequency.

“The growth of Google Chrome paved the way for this success,” said Patrick Murphy, founder and CEO of Brand Thunder. “The push toward very low profile browsers removed much of the real estate themes used in the past. However, the multi-tab experience of browsers created a larger, more engaging canvas whenever a user opens a new tab.”

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