Youtube controls and download bar

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Youtube controls and download bar

Postby Cloudchaser on Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:04 pm

Though I have occasionally used Chrome in the past, I'm basically taking it for a test drive tonight to decide if I want to use it instead of Firefox.

When I'm looking at in either Firefox or Internet Explorer, I see this. ... apture.jpg

Looking at the same in Chrome, I see this ... pture2.jpg

You'll notice that the "show uploads only" checkbox as well as the "view" dropdown does not show in Chrome. I also noticed that at the bottom of, there is no "help" button showing when looking at it in Chrome.

How do I get the "show uploads only" checkbox as well as the "view" dropdown and the "help" button to show in Chrome?

Also, that download bar at the bottom that shows every time something is downloaded. How do I make it close automatically when a download is done instead of me having to do it manually every (bleep) time?
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