Simplified version of Yahoo Mail, using Chrome/Iron

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Simplified version of Yahoo Mail, using Chrome/Iron

Postby zf604 on Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:20 pm

A lot of people have been having trouble accessing Yahoo Mail through Chrome since Yahoo recently changed Yahoo Mail. I did too, but I figured out a fairly easy method to sidestep the new version.

What you need to do is tell Chrome/Iron *not* to use javascript when accessing that page. Here's how.

-> In Chrome/Iron, hit ALT-F, then choose "Settings".
-> Click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom of the page.
-> Under the "Privacy" heading, click "Content Settings".
-> Under the "JavaScript" heading, the "Allow all sites..." option should be checked by default, but either option should work depending on your pre-existing configuration.
-> Under the same heading, click "Manage Exceptions".
-> Click inside the box where it says "[*.]", and type (or copy-paste): "[*.]" (without the quotes). In the drop-down beside it, select "Block", and hit done. Then click on the blank area below "Block" to make sure the setting is in place. Then click the "Done" button and when that window closes, click "Done" on the "Content Settings" window.
-> Now use Chrome to access Yahoo Mail as usual. You should see the irritating screen telling you that you need to 'upgrade' your browser; Click "Continue" towards the bottom.
-> Now you see a screen saying "Javascript is not enabled on your browser". This is what you want, so no problem there. Again, click the "Continue" option.
-> You should now see the simplified version of Yahoo Mail.

A few notes:

-> Some of the nice features of Yahoo Mail won't work without javascript. For instance, Y!Mail's shortcut keys won't like "m" for new mail, and "k" for mark-as-read. But all the basic mail functions *can* still be done using the simplified version.
-> To undo this, go back in to Settings and remove the "[*.]" option, and then clear your browser's cookies using the "Clear browsing data" button. You may want to do this someday, to access the new version of Yahoo Mail, once either Yahoo or Google fixes the issue with the new Y!Mail.
-> Yahoo seems to store the 'don't use javascript' flag in a cookie, so whenever your cookies get cleaned out, you may have to do this again.
-> This cookie is stored on the computer, not in your yahoo account, so if you use another computer you will have to run through these steps again there, but just the first time you use that computer.
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