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Uninstall PiZap toolbar for Good – How to Totally Uninstall

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:19 am
by BlueWater

PiZap is an online free photo editor. PiZap toolbar will be installed in your web browser so that you can upload and edit your digital photos with fun photo effects, photo stickers and one-click effects offered by PiZap toolbar may be installed as an extension of Google Chrome. If PiZap toolbar was installed without your permission or you won’t use it in the future, you should uninstall PiZap toolbar from Chrome with the following tutorial.

Uninstall Google Extension with Customize and Control of Chr

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:20 am
by BlueWater
1. Click the wrench icon on the Chrome toolbar. Select Tools and then select Extensions.

2. Click on the Uninstall tab next to the extension you would like to uninstall.

Generally, the above method would uninstall the extensions in the list. However, some extensions don’t show in the list and so that it is difficult for users to uninstall them. If you cannot find PiZap toolbar in the list, you should try the following method.

Uninstall Google Extensions that don’t show in the Extension

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:21 am
by BlueWater
1. Close Google Chrome.

2. Find your Default folder of Chrome location.

3. Open the Default folder, and double click on the Extensions folder to open it.

4. You will see there are many folders with cryptic names.

5. Delete the folder belonging to the Chrome extension you wish to uninstall.

6. Open Google Chrome to see whether the extension has been uninstalled correctly.

The best method to uninstall Chrome Extensions

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:22 am
by BlueWater
If you want to uninstall Chrome Extensions completely in a much simpler way, you should try a uninstall tool.

In order to uninstall PiZap toolbar completely, you should go to the Registry Editor and delete the registry entries related to PiZap toolbar. However, modifying the registry entries is not recommended to common users. It is because deletion of PiZap toolbar associated registry entries is a highly risky part in uninstalling PiZap toolbar manually. Registry Editor is an extremely important part in the computer system. It is suggested that don’t open the Registry Editor and alter the data in it casually, it would easily make your computer system into crash. Serious problem might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, you should be extremely careful. If you are not confident with editing registry entries, you should uninstall unwanted programs with a powerful and reliable uninstall tool.

A powerful, trusted and reliable uninstall tool has the following features:

It works faster that the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs.

It can wipe out the empty or corrupted registry entries that a certain program left over.

It can protect your computer from corrupted errors and further improve your PC performance.

Force Uninstall feature can ensure you uninstall any unwanted programs thoroughly and instantly.

As an award-winning uninstall tool, Perfect Uninstaller is highly recommended to you. Perfect Uninstaller will completely uninstall PiZap toolbar from your computer. And with the force uninstall feature of Perfect Uninstaller, you don’t have to worry about those following-up problems if you cannot uninstall the programs thoroughly. Perfect Uninstaller will delete all PiZap toolbar associated registry entries completely. Free download Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall any unwanted programs in minutes and you won’t be regretted.