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Chrome reverts to old bookmarks every time it starts

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:14 pm
by vgf59

I first installed Chrome about a year and a half ago. I manually put in a few bookmarks at first. I have kept adding more bookmarks as I went along, and now have hundreds.

The problem is that Chrome never saves them. Every time I restart Chrome, it loads only the original set of bookmarks I first added a year and a half ago. Any bookmarks I've added since then are lost as it always reverts back to the original set I put in shortly after I first installed it. This has forced me to export my current bookmarks to a separate HTML file on my desktop or they'll get lost.

Every time I add a new bookmark, if I want to have it again the next time I start Chrome, I have to export the whole file again. Every time I start Chrome, to get the current set of bookmarks, I have to import them from the file on my desktop. Before I can do that, I first have to delete the old set (otherwise it would get too messy with two sets piled on top of each other). I tried exporting all the bookmarks to Firefox and then re-importing them from Firefox to Chrome, but that didn't help.

Does anyone know why this happens? Or how to fix the problem? I want to find if there's a fix before I just nuke the whole thing in exasperation.