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Chrome does not suport Windows XP, SP3

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:31 pm
by yabbadoo

Sorry if this question is an old one, but I have just hit it and cannot find an appropriate thread on a Forum search.

I have Windows XP, SP3 which is supported by Microsoft and will be until some time in 2014.

I tried to update Chrome and got this message :-

"Update failed (error: 7)An error occurred while checking for updates: Installation failed because your version of Windows is not supported.
Google Chrome"

I did complete their feedback form, but was informed that there is a monumental waiting list for replies. Presumably anybody over 20 years old need not bother with the average national life expectancy set at a mere 78 years.

Well, what a surprise. I would think that half the world is on Windows XP and most of them have SP3.
How does Chrome expect me to leave my impeccable Firefox with a message like that ? Or do they expect me to throw away my XP and invest in Windows 7 or 8 when Microsoft have stopped hiking up the price ?

Well, no Windows 7 for me or Chrome either if I cannot update.

Can anybody please tell me why Chrome is behaving like this and of course how I can fix it without re-inventing the wheel ?

Re: Chrome does not suport Windows XP, SP3

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:14 pm
by yabbadoo

I have just discovered an astonishing thingy.

I always enter the Internet using Sandboxie for obvious reasons. That is what Sandboxie is for.

Having asked for help on this Chrome updating failure with my Windows XP, SP3, I opened Chrome without Sandboxie and IT UPDATED perfectly !

I then opened Chrome using Sandboxie and updating FAILED !

So the problem is NOT with Chrome, it is a Sandboxie problem or perhaps a Sandboxie/Chrome problem where these two programs are incompatible. I am told that Chrome has its own sandbox and maybe two sandboxes do not work together.

My thread was raised in genuine innocence and I am sorry for wasting your time. But perhaps it is not a waste of time, my information should be of value to other Chrome users who may have updating failure when using Sandboxie. It sure is staggering news to me, I never suspected that Sandboxie would give any browser trouble of this nature.

Have you any comments following this news ?